On the Issues

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Better Economy/Better Jobs

I support efforts to create a business climate that will encourage existing businesses and industries to expand their research, development and job force. A reduction in taxes and bureaucratic red tape will stimulate growth in all aspects of our economy resulting in more and higher paying jobs for Montana.

Less Spending/Lower Taxes

There is too much spending and waste in our government. The average income of the citizens of Montana is not keeping pace with the increases in government spending. Too much of our income is spent on property and income taxes and it is time for relief. We should be able to choose how we spend more of our money and government should be spending less time trying to redistribute the wealth of Montana.

Quality Education

Our children need to be prepared to compete in a very technical world and to do that, a quality education must be available. Adequate funding for education, competent teachers and up-to-date equipment and facilities are necessary to accomplish this.

Affordable Health Care

Everyone should have access to basic health care at a reasonable cost. Too many Montanans are denied that access either due to unaffordable insurance premiums, preexisting health conditions that prevent them from obtaining insurance and overall heathcare costs that are just too high. Healthcare costs must become more competitive.

Lower Energy Costs/Responsible Development

The cost of heating and lighting our homes and obtaining fuel for cars, trucks and farm equipment is causing too much of a strain on our family, business and government budgets. We need to have a comprehensive plan and then execute that plan to continue to develop our natural resources, find and develop new sources of energy and maintain a quality environment.

Traditional Family Values

Strong families are as important today as they were yesterday and will continue to be important in the future if we are to thrive and even survive. Our children are our greatest resource and we need to use our talent, creativity and resources to make sure they inherit a Montana that is even better than the one we live in today. We need to do all that we can to protect the values that will keep our families strong.

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